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Rutherglen Muscat (15 years old) - Rutherglen, VIC

The Rutherglen winemakers have made this their own. It is a style that has developed and been well promoted and managed to the point now that it is a global brand.

It is made from very ripe grapes that are picked and crushed and encouraged to start fermenting. Sometimes they are so ripe that they are too high in sugar content and do not ferment at all. They are then fortified with alcohol derived from wine up to 18% and put into barrels and allowed to mature.

Ours is 15 years old on average and is made by one of the oldest and most respected fortified winemakers in Australia. Look for the obvious "raisin" aroma and flavour along with the developed barrel "rancio" character that comes only from time in oak.

This is still a relatively young wine and is very fruity at this stage. It goes well with chocolate and coffee after dinner, and is a perfect foil for big, creamy blue cheeses like Stilton.

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Refill (375mL)