Formerly known as Tokay

Grand Topaque (20 years old) - Riverina, NSW

The Muscats and Topaques (Tokays) of the Australian wine industry are unique. The Spanish very old Pedro Ximinez sweet sherries are close with their beautiful old "Rancio" flavours layered with the characteristic Flor sherry flavours.

Our Topaque is made up of a blend of material with an average age of more than 20 years. This gives the affect of drying out the palate a little. The sweetness has not gone away, it has just been balanced by the extra "Rancio" flavour. Compare this to the 5yo Topaque that still shows all its fruit sweetness - or even mix the two to change it up. Serve it up to your wine friends and tell them you paid $30 for the half bottle.

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Refill (375mL)