You might have a clearer head tomorrow

Preservative Free Dry Red - 2015 King Valley VIC

Calling this Dry Red is a bit of an understatement. It's in fact a Shiraz from a very good area in the lower King Valley in North East Victoria.

It is medium bodied and quite fruity with a soft easy finish. Surprisingly it is actually better the next day if you take out just one glass and keep it.

People with sulphur allergies or just those who want to avoid the stuff for general health and well being can be surprised how good this is. We have had to put up with some pretty ordinary stuff from preservative free wines in the past but this wine is right up there in quality and style with all our other reds.

Don't take it home and put it under the bed because it will not keep. Drink it in the year of making or perhaps one more and enjoy it for its spicy fruit and low acid generosity.

Avaliable only at QVM.