Light and breezy Italian classic

Ansonica 2019 - Merbein, Victoria

Ansonica is the latest new variety to come into Australia.

This is its first release in Australia, made as a trial batch by the Chalmers Wine Grape Nursery in Northern Victoria. They are focusing on these Southern Italian varieties for their suitability to our warmer climate wine areas like the Murray River.

It is light and aromatic on the nose and makes you expect something like a Riesling. When it hits your palate, it has lots more going on with a lingering, almost “briney” taste, and some cleansing phenolics like white tannin on the finish.

Native to Southern Italy, Ansonica is well suited to the climate in the Murry Darling. Aromas of red apples and almonds give way to a light bodied, crisp and crunchy white with a delightful salinity reminiscent of a fresh sea breeze. Wild fermented and hand harvested, this wine is true expression of this unique varietal. Perfect with freshly shucked oysters.

Vegan Friendly.

Available at Rose St, Lygon St, and Queen St.

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