Get some flavour back in your chardonnay

Chardonnay 2019 - Beechworth, VIC

Few places in Australia produce Chardonnay as good as Beechworth's; Beechworth has emerged as the best place in Australia for Chardonnay. Consider wines like Sorrenberg, Giaconda, Fighting Gully, and A Rodda.

We must work 2 years in advance to be able to get a wine from Beechworth. Mark Walpole has been growing and making wine in the area for 30 years and was named “viticulturist of the year” in Gourmet Traveller recently. We have worked with Mark since before the 2016 Vintage to produce wines for us. This is the first Chardonnay, and we believe it’s the best white wine we have ever sold. 

A magnificent example of cool climate Beechworth Chardonnay. Ripe stone fruit, banana, matches and buttered popcorn with a satisfyingly long finish. This one has seen a fair bit of new French oak and time on lees for good measure. Pair with pork, crustaceans, and/or soft ‘erbs.

Vegan Friendly.

Available at Rose St, Lygon St, and Queen St.

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