Zesty Oyster Wine

Riesling - 2019 Mansfield, VIC

We in the Aussie Wine Industry have been lamenting the fact that Riesling is the best value and most ignored variety for about 10 years. The value for money available in Australian Riesling at the moment is amazing.

We still don't get the whole Clare Valley Riesling thing and think the best ones come out of cool climates. Portland and High Country Victoria or Tasmania is the place to make them.

Delightful example of a dry cool climate Riesling. With charred pineapple and lemon zest on the nose, it’s starting to show a bit of age. Intense lemon curd and fresh citrus notes on the palate, with balanced, bright zingy acidity. Pairs wonderfully with seafood, and anything spicy.

Vegan Friendly

Available only at Rose Street.

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