About Rewine

Our mission is to create a community of wine lovers who are passionate about making a difference in building a sustainable future.

At ReWine, we do wine. With three bars/bottleshops conveniently located, we have the ability to provide wine to anyone in Melbourne. By catering weddings, corporate events, local markets or home delivery, we can help the environmentally aware, conscious consumer live a low impact, zero waste and sustainable lifestyle - drinking great wines, locally made and waste free.


but HOW?

Return. Refill. Reuse. That's our mantra at ReWine. Customers can buy our wines, then bring the bottle back to be refilled in store.

By designing a ground-up zero-waste supply chain, direct from winery to wine glass, we can supply wine to anyone without producing any waste - this is completely unique in the wine industry, which we have been turning upside down since 2005. We sell our wines straight from the barrel, into special refillable bottles for takeaway, or serving straight into the glass without using a bottle at all. Our highly developed system and unique equipment allows us to refill our customer's bottles over and over again, saving hundreds and thousands of bottles from going to landfill, this is why we call ourselves the Sustainable Wine Merchant.


WHO makes the wine?

The wines are sourced from some of the best and most experienced wine makers in the country, head over to our winemakers page to find out more. They are industry leading innovators with a sustainable edge, and we work together to produce low-impact wines, with considerations like sustainable land management, transport carbon footprint and working with suppliers who share our sustainable vision for the future. Even our bottles are sourced from a manufacturer that uses recycled glass from the South Australian recycling scheme. This provides us with a glass bottle that has half the embedded energy of traditional glass bottles, and ours can be reused over and over again!

At  ReWine, we reuse our wine bottles, just like the good old days of the milkman - a time when things were less disposable.


but WHY?

From an environmental point of  view, reusing glass bottles uses far less energy than recycling them. We believe that if everyone can do just a little bit to reduce their carbon footprint the world will be a better place for us all, and still going for generations to come. Reducing waste, recycling and repurposing are all part of it and at ReWine we are looking for any opportunity to do our part. We like to think we provide a means for wine drinkers to help out too. Our wines are transported from the wineries in reusable tanks - they've each been used in excess of 100 times. And what we can't reuse, such as pallet shrink wrap, we recycle.

At ReWine, we don't need a huge recycling bin like other bars and restaurants. We have a standard household size recycle bin and rarely empty it.


WHERE are we?

We have three bars/bottleshops in Brunswick, Fitzroy and Melbourne CBD where all wines are on tasting for free, to help you pick your favourite drop. Or you can sit down for a pizza or cheese platter, and let our staff take you on a wine flight. You can buy bottles ready to take home, enjoy them, then bring them back where we will refill them infront of your eyes.



ReWine respectfully acknowledge the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation, Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present. We extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.